Frequently Asked Questions

What is Speech Therapy?

Speech Language Pathology is the diagnoses and treatment of communication disorders. Speech Language Pathologists are certified and trained to evaluate, diagnose, and treat individuals with communication disorders.

What if my child is already receiving services somewhere else?

Many of the children we serve are also receiving services elsewhere. They can continue receiving services those other places while working with us. The private practice setting allows us to work individually with the child and train parents in various therapy techniques.

How can I pay for services?

We are a private pay clinic. We accept cash, check or visa (transaction fee may apply). You can pay for each session individually or monthly.

What happens at the initial session?

baselines, complete paperwork, determine appropriate goals and answer any additional questions

How long will my child be in therapy?

It is difficult to determine how long a child will require speech therapy. It will depend on many factors including but not limited to severity of impairment, other diagnoses, age, motivation, level of participation, parental involvement, and frequency of therapy.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a free phone consultation to see if speech therapy can help you or your child visit the Contact Us page to ask any questions or schedule a free phone consultation.